Trip to DC – DVD – Now For Sale

Smart Songs has released their DVD compilation of Trip to DC videos for purchase through partner Social Popular video titles, such as Presidents, Bill of Rights and Political Parties Remix and more are available on this disc. It’s perfect for teachers, parents, students, kids or anyone else who enjoys learning in a fun way!

For more details visit Social Studies School Services.

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ABC 7 News Features American Indian Rap

ABC 7 News in Los Angeles released a story covering Smart Songs’ latest video titled “American Indian Rap.” Watch the story below or learn more about it at ABC 7. Interviews Smart Songs Kenny Soto spoke with Shoeless Jeff and Scott Free about their plans for future music and video releases.

Check out the story for yourself!

BostInno Interview

Smart Songs was interviewed for a well written article by BostInno’s Lauren Landry. Check it out here:

New Video on Voting Uploaded

The Smart Songs team worked hard with family and friends to produce this recent video that helps explain the facts behind voting. Watch, listen, learn and enjoy!

Harvard Interviews Smart Songs

Matthew Weber, host of the Harvard EdCast, interviewed Smart Songs in Cambridge this week. The EdCast is a popularly growing online show where Weber has hosted some of the world’s greatest thinkers, innovators and entertainers.

Follow the link below to listen to the recording.

ABC 7 Los Angeles News

Smart Songs was interviewed by renown newscaster George Pennacchio at ABC 7. Check out this excellent interview here to learn more about Smart Songs and their upcoming plans.

Videos Now Available for Download

Smart Songs has now made some of their most popular videos available for download. By downloading one of our videos, you can watch it at your convenience. They are available for just $4.99 each.

This is perfect for teachers who cannot access Youtube at school or for parents and kids trying to study and learn at their own pace. Make one of our videos – yours today!

Purchase them here.

Three Branches Video Released

Shoeless Jeff and Scott Free teamed up with friend and producer Marc Antonio Pritchett to debate which branch of government has the most power in the United States.  Is it the President, Supreme Court or the Congress?  You be the judge!

John DellaMorte made the catchy beat. Check it out here!

Trip to DC Song Challenges Created

Trip to DC Song Challenges are great for helping listeners learn all the important facts from each song on the album.

Useful as a:

  • Teacher lesson plan
  • Student study guide
  • Listener self-assessment
  • Memorization tool

For more information on how to purchase these challenges, visit the product details in the store.

Trip to DC Lyrics for Sale

Booklets are for sale for $0.99/ea or the complete package of 10 booklets is available at a discount of $4.99.

If you are interested in purchasing lyrics for songs on this album, please visit the product details in the store.

Trip to DC Booklets include:

Welcome to Washington Lyrics

Three Branches Lyrics

Presidents Lyrics

Voting Rights Lyrics

Political Parties Lyrics

Constitution Lyrics

Fifty State Capitals I Lyrics

Bill of Rights Lyrics

Fifty State Capitals II Lyrics

Flag Lyrics