Political Parties Epic Remix

Time to get in your political stance

American Indian Rap

Discover the rich history past and present of American Indian tribes.

American Flag Rap

In memory of all who have fallen in defense of the American Flag.

Voting Rap

We will get to pick who our leaders will be, aren’t you glad we have democracy?

Three Branches Rap

Watch us debate over which branch of government has the most power. You be the judge!

Fifty State Capitals Pt. 2

Continue on through the final 25 state capitals by traveling the mid-west, southwest and northwest.

Fifty State Capitals Pt. 1

Follow Shoeless Jeff and Scott Free as they venture through half of our nation’s capitals.

Way to Wealth

Listen to time tested advice and tips about saving money, inspired by the teachings of Ben Franklin.

President’s Rap

Learn about the 44 United States presidents in this action packed song that helps kids learn every president.

Welcome to Washington DC Rap

Travel to our nation’s capital as Shoeless Jeff and Scott Free rap at some of our most historic sights.

Stock Market Song

Watch this fun video to gain an understanding of stocks and the principles of investing.

Bill of Rights Rap

Explore the first ten amendments of the Constitution, explained in easy, practical terms.